Being a Servant Leader

Rob Legatie joins me in a discussion about management and servant leadership.  Highlighting the important of any leader providing service to their teams.  It is not enough to form Agile Teams; management has to be a servant leader in order to reach the success that Agile can provide.  Being a Servant Leader embodies the arts of active listening, empathy, trust and many more soft skills that support and encourage Agile Teams.  

Cognitive Neuroscience and the Agile Mindset

Dr. Joao N. Da Silva joins us on the discussion of Cognitive Neuroscience and its implication on an Agile Mindset.  When organizations begin their journey, most time they figure the solution is finding a Scrum Master or adding an Agile Coach.  There is so much more. Dr. Joao N. Da Silva goes into depth of why Cognitive Neuroscience and developing an Agile Mindset are linked so deeply.

Success while Missing the Goal

Whenever I start teaching an Agile/Scrum class or working with a Scrum or Kanban Team, I try to create an euphoric environment. It is not to provide a false sense of reality. Though in most transformation, I have seen saddness and struggles more than happiness and celebrations. The environment is built to give them joy; a…